An inquiry will be conducted before demarcating the boundaries

based spatial survey in Pune

The first replica hermes mini bag survey of properties in state using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) was launched in Pune district last week. This is the largest such exercise hermes bag replica in the country using drones to map spatial information. It will give out hermes replica evelyne firm property titles to residential and other properties in around 40,000 villages, helping residents gain better liquidity on these assets.

Hermes Handbags The survey was conducted try these out in two villages Pimpri replica birkin bag Sandas and Nhavi Sandas in Pune Haveli taluka using a drone fitted with a high resolution camera. Hermes Handbags

fake hermes belt women’s „This will cover sites across Maharashtra, except hbags handbags reviews in Konkan, where it will be carried out post monsoons due to inclement weather. Compared to the conventional system, this takes just two days of preparatory work and a few minutes for the drone survey,“ said a aaa replica birkin bag senior official from the settlement commissionerate and department of land records. fake hermes belt women’s

Hermes Replica Handbags After this aerial survey, the data will be verified on the ground, and suggestions and objections will be called. An inquiry will be conducted before demarcating the boundaries of properties. The process will culminate with the grant of sanads (ownership documents). Hermes Replica Handbags

Launched by the settlement commissionerate and department of land records, department of rural development and Survey of India (SOI), this is the first such spatial survey of over 39,000 villages in Maharashtra using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The Rs 373 crore project, which will see property cards being issued to all residential and other properties in gaothans (residential areas in villages), is expected to be completed in three years.

It will generate formal ownership records of 1.4 crore properties, ensure land use planning, create liquid assets for villagers on properties worth thousands of crores, resolve disputes and help move towards clearer land titles. The project will use GIS based technologies and prevent encroachment on government lands by demarcating their boundaries.

The exercise, which will cover around two thirds of Maharashtra population, had been approved by the state cabinet in January. Last year, a pilot project at Sonori village in Pune Purandar taluka saw an SOI drone being used to map residential areas.

high quality hermes replica Though surveys of gaothans are undertaken once they cross a threshold population of 2,000, just 3,931 of the over 43,000 villages in Maharashtra have been surveyed, albeit manually, to map out privately owned and government properties, barren and open hbags hermes bags land in over 50 years since the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966, was approved. high quality hermes replica

replica hermes belt uk The residents of these 39,733 villages lack formal ownership records and documents except tax receipts issued by the gram panchayats. Hence, banks are hbags hermes replica unwilling to grant loans on such properties. Lack of a firm title and demarcation of properties also causes disputes. replica hermes belt uk

The official said by September end, the SOI planned to deploy 20 drones, including those which are radar based to penetrate tree cover and foliage in areas like the Konkan, across Maharashtra for Hermes replica Birkin the project, with plans to cover replica hermes bag up to five villages a day using a drone. These drones can fly to a height of 120 meters and are fitted with 20 megapixel cameras. At present, the SOI has temporarily earmarked five drones for this project.

The official said the project would be self sustaining as it would recover the costs from property owners as fees for grant of sanads.

Replica Hermes uk In villages where no surveys have been conducted, gram panchayats maintain registers of property but no spatial information exists. Replica Hermes uk

The land records will be geo referenced and digitised and the mapping will birkin bag replica hbags make planning easy for government agencies. Other benefits include better planning of infra projects, scientific valuation of land and updated property tax records.

The project will also include the establishment of 400 continuous operating reference stations (CORS) for better GPS accuracy of up to 10cm.

A Peek In Time Gaothans were classified as wastelands, with only agricultural land being taxed before and during the British era Concept of property tax was born after the advent of local self governments during the tenure of Lord Ripon.

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