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Okay, so Olai ended up being completely indifferent to the idea of hosts/vessels. It was Odin who was actually leading the effort to save his planet am I not surprised though honestly After everything we learned about Olai, his sole life purpose right now is Scavenger Tech. God forbid he cares about his planet or his family, right Sent Odin and his sisters off so he can be alone with his technology.

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„En la NASA trabajamos para resolver algunos de los desafos ms complejos de la ciencia, por lo que es fundamental contar con un sistema operativo que nos permita lograr el ms alto nivel de funcionalidad informtica. Cuando elegimos un sistema operativo, nuestras dos principales consideraciones son el rendimiento y la flexibilidad. Contar con el sistema operativo adecuado nos permite superar los lmites del rendimiento informtico e introducir nuevos niveles de innovacin en nuestros programas espaciales, cientficos y aeronuticos“, afirm William Thigpen, engineering branch chief de la divisin de Supercomputacin Avanzada de la NASA..

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