„The bombshell revelations will rock the Royals

Infatuated Diana showed the determination of a stalker as she pestered each of the three for dates.A source told The People: „Morton thinks this book will faithfully show the inner turmoil that the world’s most famous woman endured as she desperately tried to find love. He has researched his material thoroughly.“The bombshell revelations will rock the Royals, especially Harry and Wills already stunned by the release of tapes of their mother opening her heart about her anguish.Morton’s book Diana In Search Of Love, out in June, will tell of the affairs between her split from Prince Charles in 1992 and her death in a Paris car crash in 1997. LOVER No 1 is Stamp, who became close to the Princess when she wanted help to perfect her public speaking voice.The pair shared friends, including her millionaire art dealer lover Oliver Hoare, and Stamp, 63, soon proved his loyalty.Diana was enchanted that the star had dated a string of beauties including Julie Christie his co star in Far From The Madding Crowd Brigitte Bardot and Jean Shrimpton.Morton does not pinpoint when the intimate friendship turned to romance.

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